Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well we are home early from Burning Man....too tired for long post but will share some of my fav shots. While the machine restarts let me just say....WTF? Hey I have a great idea, lets spend too much $$$s to camp in nuclear winter, with a bunch of exhibitionist tweats and play techno music all night and morning long ...NOT...we are watching the live webcast of the burn...but to tell ya the truth I don't care. Totally glad I went because we tried, we tried to understand the "bigger picture" or spiritual meaning only to find there isn't one! Rich and I high tailed it outta there and happily are enjoying home...more latter.


sean said...

Somehow "DUH?" just doesn't say it.

But at least you tried, and that's why I love yous guys.

(how much did Rich whine?)

Phydeaux said...

Yup . . . sometimes you just gotta experience it.

Kinda like my least Dead show, when I suddenly looked around me and said out loud, "what the #($@ am I doing here???" You're just in a different plane . . .

Do nothing but be kind to yourselves today! Ice cream, girls, guilty pleasure movies, etc.

Honestly, I'm just happy you came home in one piece -- someday, when you're ready, I'll tell you the things I didn't tell you about burning man.

LOB you both!